Censor Bot

The bot that keeps your server clean.

So you don't have to


Base Filter

We build a filter FOR you! Our amazing team of helpers keeps up with the standards as they come,
we create the filter for you and you don't even need to do anything! Of course we have
customizability but if you really wanted to you can sit back and watch the magic happen.


We have an array of commands to allow you and your staff to customize how you want your server to
be. We allow you to add words to the filter and remove words from the filter for specifically
your server. We even have features to allow a certain role to be uncensored, and allow certain
channels to be uncensored.


As we said above, we have amazing coverage of almost anyway you can get across a curse to your
clean chats! We cover messages, obviously, we cover edited message, emoji names (including reactions) and
nicknames! We even have a system in place to cover file attachment names! All of this brought
together to keep YOUR server clean!